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Altar Server Training

Server Training

Any young person interested in serving 3rd grade - 12th grade is invited to any of the following trainings.  Altar Servers are trained the SAME for ALL seven Churches in the County, so it does not matter which training you attend.  You will be prepped to serve at your church building of choice!  Parents are welcome to attend.

Sunday- September 4- 12noon- St. Teresa, Bright 

Tuesday- September 6- 6:30pm- All Saints- St. John

Thank you for allowing your young person to be a servant and lead people in prayer.
I truly enjoyed the Altar Server Training.  There are many adjustments being made, but these young ones are excited and up for the challenge.  Fr. Mahan and I are very patient and do not expect perfection overnight!  But we will get there.  (I might have read a few emails wrong- so feel free to send or forward to parents of youth that you know were present!) 

1- Please arrive 15-10 minutes early
2- Please wear shoes (not flip flops) 
3- Youth grade 3-7 will wear white albs- 8th grade boys and up will wear cassocks and surplice.

In His Service,
Fr. Jonathan Meyer

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