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ALSO...WYD Pilgrims were present at each of these talks given by Bishop Robert Barron; each was followed by Eucharistic adoration.



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Respect Life – 40 Days for Life Vigil


Dearborn County parishes will be filling all hours for Oct. 28-30 during the Cincinnati fall campaign to save babies. The sign-up weekend after Masses is Oct. 21/22, but you can sign up now using the QR code on the flyer or clicking

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PODCAST AVAILABLE - FR. MEYER PARTICIPATED IN A PODCAST WITH Freedom Coaching, a Catholic ministry designed to coach individuals to break free from their compulsion to pornography. PLEASE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LINK TO THE PODCAST - 



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A new podcast of an interview with Father Meyer telling his vocation story is available on the "Sons of Melchizedek" podcast on Catholic Radio.

Below is the podcast link. The podcast is also available on the Catholic Radio Indy web page under PODCASTS.

Catholic Radio Indy's podcasts are also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and many other podcast platforms. Search "Sons of Melchizedek" to find the podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

If for any reason you have trouble with this link you can get the show at the Catholic Radio Indy webpage and click podcasts and download it from there.


Podcast Link

Catholic Radio Indy also has an app available for android or apple devices.

People can listen live over the airwaves on 89.1FM, 90.9 FM, or via live stream on their computer from our webpage or on demand via podcast.

Fr. Meyer joined Marc Tuttle and Kent Blandford on Indy Catholic Radio for a look at the ever-changing role of men in parish and family life in anticipation of the E6 Catholic Men's Conference. Podcast Link:

Continual Ministries

Monday - Friday - Rosary at St. Lawrence - 10 am

Every Monday - Monday Morning Rosary Group at St. Mary - 9 - 10:30 am

Every Monday - Bright New Beginnings Recovery Group at St Teresa - 7-8-pm

Every Tuesday - Music Ministry Practice at St. Teresa - 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Every Saturday - Breaking Bread Breakfast at St. Lawrence - 8am

Every Wednesday - Religious Education at St. Mary - 6:30-8pm

Every Wednesday - Confirmation at St. Mary - 6:30-8pm

Every Thursday - Bible Study at St. Teresa - 9-11am - Uncover the Mysteries of Revelation Morning Bible Study

The Thursday morning Bible study group will be starting “Revelation”  featuring Jeff Cavins as presenter on ​Thursday, Aug 25, 2023@ 9:00 AM at St Teresa PCC.

Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come. In this DVD Series, Jeff Cavins provides comprehensive commentary on the book of Revelation.


Sessions Included:

Introduction - Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come

Session 1 - Revelation 1: Introduction and Inaugural Vision

Session 2 - Revelation 2-3: Letters to the 7 Churches

Session 3 - Revelation 4-5: Creation & Redemption

Session 4 - Revelation 6-7: Opening the Seals

Session 5 - Revelation 8-11: The Seventh Seal Unleashes Seven Trumpets

Session 6 - Revelation 12-13: The, the Bad, and the Ugly

Session 7 - Revelation 14-15: Praising the Lamb

Session 8 - Revelation 16-18: Seven Bowls of Judgement and the Fall of Babylon

Session 9 - Revelation 19-20: The Marriage Supper and the Great Judgment

Session 10 - Revelation 21-22: A New Heaven and a New Earth

Thursday evening Bible Study will restart on September 7, 2023 at St. Mary’s conference room on 4th Street next to church. Viewing and study will be from 6:30-8:00 pm.

We will be watching and discussing episodes 5-8 of Season 2 of The Chosen from Angel Studios. We will watch each episode (~50 minutes) followed by discussion, specific questions, and scripture reading related to each night’s presentation. The meetings and study were wonderful for the first season and a half last winter/spring. We will do a short recap to bring everyone up to date on the current episode. Please contact George Schewe ( or David McCarty ( for sign up or questions.

Every Thursday - RCIA at St. Martin - 6:30-8pm

1x / Month - First Sacraments at St. Mary - 6:30-8pm

2x / Month - Family Formation and MS Class (6-7-8) at St. Teresa

1st Tuesday - K of C Meeting @ St. Mary - 7:30 - 9 pm

1st Wednesday - Anointing of the Sick at St. Teresa - 8:45am Mass

1st Friday - Anointing of the Sick at St. Lawrence - 8:45am Mass

1st Saturday - Fatima Devotion at St. Mary - 8:30am - 9:30 am

2nd Monday - K of C Meeting at St. Teresa 6-9 pm

2nd Monday - K of C Ladies Meeting at St. Teresa 6-9 pm

2nd Monday - Daughters of Isabella Meeting at St. Lawrence - 6:30 - 9 pm

2nd Monday - Ladies Euchre Group at St. Teresa - 7-10 pm

2nd Tuesday - Respect Life Meeting at St. Lawrence (Mar/June/Sept/Dec)

2nd Wednesday - Choir Practice at St. Mary - 5:30 - 7 pm

2nd and 4th Wednesday - K of C Lawrenceburg Meeting - 7:30 pm

2nd Thursday - Ladies Card Club at St. Lawrence - 1pm -4pm

2nd Saturday - Bridges Devotional Prayer Group at St. Teresa - 9:30 am - 12 pm

3rd Tuesday - Ladies Sodality Group at St. Teresa - 7-9 pm

3rd Wednesday - Ladies Sew Group at St. Teresa - 10 am - 3 pm

3rd Thursday - St. Ann’s Altar Society at St. Lawrence - 1:30 pm

4th Wednesday - Right to Life Meeting at St. Mary - 7 - 8:30 pm


Blessings/Sacraments *

1st weekend - Blessing of Expectant Mothers (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct)

2nd weekend - Blessing of Engaged Couples

3rd weekend - Blessing of Religious Items

1st Wednesday - Anointing of the Sick at St. Teresa

1st Friday - Anointing of the Sick at St. Lawrence

*Some of these days may be canceled due to feast days or holidays.

Weekly Adoration - 9 am - 9 pm

Every Tuesday at St. Lawrence Every Wednesday at St. Teresa

Every Thursday at St. Mary’s

We Are Blessed to Have Three Deacons in Dearborn County!

Deacon Mark Schmidl and Deacon Kevin Daily have joined Deacon Bob Decker in serving our parishes in Dearborn County.

The role of a deacon:

~performing all baptisms outside of Mass.

~performing all weddings outside of Mass.

~performing all funerals outside of Mass.

~performing all funeral rosaries/wakes.

~Assisting with baptismal prep (visiting and blessing homes) and marriage prep.

Fr. Mahan and Fr. Meyer will cease doing baptisms, weddings and funerals outside the context of Holy Mass.  Since we have Deacons, their work, service and worship will be used and appreciated!  

Whole Hearts Psychology on the St. Teresa Campus!

Whole Hearts Psychology is located on the first floor of the St. Teresa Office. For the privacy and confidentiality of Dr. Molitor and his patients, all others accessing the building are to enter through the meeting room side door or the lower level basement door.  Additionally, the only restrooms that are accessible to groups using the office space are located in the lower level. Thank you for your consideration. 

Homebound Visits - Pax Christi Ministry - If you or someone you know would like a layperson from our Pax Christi ministry to visit your home, please contact the Parish Office at 812-537-3992 or
Thursday Lunches for Our Priests
Thank you to everyone who volunteered to provide lunches for our priests. Here is the link to sign-up

​​​All Seven Churches Are Online
Find each parish on Facebook for live Mass Streaming.
Find and Follow Us On YouTube- St. - Teresa, St. Mary, St. Lawrence:​ 
All Saints: AllSaintsParishSundayHomilies/videos
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Mailings to Parish Office for St. Lawrence, St. Mary and St. Teresa -Please address mail that is being sent to the Parish Office to the following address: 542 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
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